VoiceBot in Action:

Why Enterprsie Chooses SmartPing Voice Bot

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Interact with Voicebot, end the call and seamlessly switch to Chatbot maintaining context

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Multi Language Support

Configure Multi-lingual Chatbot and Voicebot. Dynamically switch language

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Smoother Customer Interactions

With the modern smartphone, the traditional touch-tone method has become obsolete and tedious.

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Greater integration

Another great advantage of the voicebot is that these bots can be easily and conveniently coordinated with a wide range of customer service tools like a CRM or knowledge base, to provide important self-service.

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Speech Recognition

Highly accurate speech recognition. Human-like Text To Speech & Custom Generated Voice

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Cognitive AI Maintains context in complex conversations.

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Fall back to a human agent

Seamlessly Switch to a human agent from a Chatbot or Voicebot.

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Pre-integrated with oAuth, SAML based authentication for secured login.

Why VoiceBot More Adaptable & Easier to Use

NLP Engine

Building a knowledge base using advanced unsupervised deep learning models from structure and unstructured data.

Self Learning AI

Speech-to-Text and NLP modules auto-learns from unlabelled voice data and user queries and adds to the AI knowledge base.

Voice Biometric

Authenticate a user’s voice in real-time. All you need is 20-40 seconds of an audio log of a user to train a neural network model.

Speech to Text

End-to-end deep learning-based speech recognition, that performs well with noisy environments and different accents

Text to Speech

Neural TTS system synthesizes high quality natural sounding speech depicting a human conversation.


Self-learns from user-agent chat. Bot admin can do supervised learning to continuously improve bot performance.

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NLP Engine

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Self Learning AI

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Voice Biometric