Automate your Business Communication, Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency by implementing our very own Chatbot mechanism.


What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a service, powered by artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation with human users via a chat interface over the Internet. The Chatbot services can be functional or fun and can be live in any chat product like social media (Facebook chat – workspace) web interfaces and mobile applications.


  • Artificial Intelligence Powered backed by real-time machine learning.

    A chat interface, led by artificial intelligence, offers users to interact on the common chat interface.

  • Natural Language Understanding.
    Understand the way humans naturally speak, including the use of slangs
  • Multilingual
    Converse in the language that your customers are speaking in
  • Context Recognition
    Recognize the context of the conversation, reducing term repetition
  • Conversational UX Modelling
    Design conversation flows with good UX yet leading towards your goals
  • Built-In Memory
    Record every detail your customers provide for better personalization
  • System Integration
    Integrate with CRM, HRM, POS, Email and others, to unlock more automation
  • Bot to Human Integration
    Redirect complex conversations to humans and bots will machine learn
  • Multi-Platform Integration
    Automate conversations via any platform, including the existing ones

"VISPL” is a specialized Enterprise Communications service provider. We offer smart communication solutions backed by innovative and intelligent technical platforms for SME’s, MNC’s, large Enterprises & Government entities.

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