Voice Analytics

Our recently collaboration with a Global Player for an Innovative Product that can instantly provide a real-time analysis for the Live Emotions (based on the vibrations of the words) of any individual either through a face-to-face interaction or through LIVE or recorded conversations!

  • BPO Industry: A Call Center version of the product is to monitor Customer Satisfaction by directing the Supervisor’s Attention to the Most Needed Customers calls likely to abandon your company, in real time or offline; based on the caller’s Emotional Temperament! The system is further capable to detect LIVE Emotions of a particular caller on a real-time basis and produce the same in the form of graphical representation for our review and analysis.On the other hand the system can identify for your Agent’s Training Needs based on each individual Emotional Disposition can clearly demarcates the essence of the Call Centre!

  • HR Vertical– A parallel stand-alone ready to use application can be used for Pre-Employment and Periodic Screening of Employees. It is a Risk deliberation Platform designed for the HR Manager/s based on predefined automated questionnaires and can be used both with a prospective job candidate or an existing employee during a face to face Interview or over the phone through IVR. Thus it can very clearly identify the Emotional Health and well being of an Employee!

  • Investigation Agencies: This stand-alone ready to use application has been specifically Designed for Professional Investigators and Interrogators. It provides Emotional Feedbacks of the Suspect/s during the face to face interrogation, Over the phone, or offline with recorded conversations and can guide an Investigator on points wherein deep investigations may be required based on the highlighted communication represented by the Platform in order to Lead further investigations!
VAT –SDK -This version Automated VAT, will record all phone conversations within a designated facility/area (any specific geographical area etc.) to analyze entire calls (in real-time and/or offline, which might contain critical information! It puts a priority flag on each call and directs the administrators to ignore less relevant calls.
  • phone conversations where the people might be planning illegal activities.
  • specific phone conversations where the people have used code words.
  • Warning regarding specific individuals for suicidal tendencies.
  • And more..
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